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SEALEVELS.INFO is the property of Scientinel, a Copenhagen-based climate consultancy company. We have developed this website in an attempt to bring climate knowledge to the public, in a pragmatic and interactive fashion. The focus of our work is firmly on assisting everyone to better adapt to the impacts of climate change. We provide guidelines on the appropriate ways of using sea-level projections from our website (see Disclaimer). We also welcome your feedback, so feel free to get in touch.



The purpose of this sea-level portal is to provide both adaptation professionals and the public with a visual projection of future sea levels around the world. Data aggregation and display have been fused to provide the most accurate and relevant likely future sea-level scenarios. Our maps may be used as a likely impact screening tool that makes use of internationally tested and consistent datasets and analyses, to prioritise adaptation strategies.

Our sea-level maps display different scales of low-lying areas that are likely to be below future relative mean sea-levels. Our work does not include any consideration for precise location, erosion, local subsidence, hydrological modelling or any flood defences - nor do we account for any pluvial or fluvial processes. Satellite altimetry and other remotely-sensed data in particular, despite extensive testing over the years by a number of different organisations, can and will be prone to errors in some locations (particularly over inland water bodies at different scales), and are currently limited to latitudes from 60°N to 60°S. We do not provide sea-level mapping outside of these boundaries. All data and maps in SEALEVELS.INFO are provided “as is” without any warranty to their performance, accuracy or suitability for any particular purpose. All risks associated with any results, decisions and/or performance of the data made available on our website are borne entirely by the user.

All information displayed is provided free of charge at all scales available on this website. Data extracted from SEALEVELS.INFO and/or Scientinel (including any and all possible derivatives) CANNOT BE USED FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES without a license, and remain the intellectual property of Scientinel. All the work(s) made available to you on our website(s) are copyrighted and must be credited accordingly [© Scientinel -]